The Sad Truth…

It’s no secret that many YouTube comments are notorious for their ignorant, racist, and belittling remarks. Usually, I choose not to respond to many of these comments, but yesterday night, I just couldn’t help it…

Let me tell you how it started. I was watching one of my favorite YouTuber’s, Phillip Defranco. Towards the end of his video, I looked in the sidebar and noticed that YouTube recommended a video by the name of “Black Folk Don’t:  Join the NRA”. I was curious, so like any curious cat I decided to go on a little adventure into the unknown. What did I find? Well, apparently the actual channel is named ‘BlackFolkDont’. I could’ve sworn it was a joke because, I thought there was no way that any semi-intelligent person would actually create videos that stereotyped and generalized their own race- seemingly reinforcing racial division in society today. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

I began to watch…

My INITIAL response was somewhere along the lines of, “really guys, you’re killing me here”, but I decided to scroll through the comments to see what other people might have been thinking. As I expected, there were people who were on the same page as I was. They didn’t see the point in this channel. They felt as if it was perpetuating ignorance and showed some of the Black community stereotyping themselves. The comments were civil. Well, civil in terms of Youtube. However, with one small swipe downwards, I saw a comment that read:

“Here I have a couple ideas for the next series of videos for you: BlackFolkDont:  Use common sense, read, or educate themselves! BlackFolkDont:  Vote out racist parties and politicians whom are DEMOCRAT! BlackFolkDont:  Raise their children in a normal loving family that isn’t broken! BlackFolkDont:  Forgive and forget about slavery when everyone was a SLAVE! BlackFolkDont:  Pay bills, tip generously, get out of debt, or save for the future! BlackFolkDont:  Join ALL people under the common banner of FREEDOM! BlackFolkDont:  Wake Up from complete stupidity and ignorance!”

As I said before, I usually don’t respond to things of this sort, but I just…couldn’t…help it. I became “that guy”, I know. But, the audacity of someone to even type this down, troll or not, is disgusting and disgraceful to the human race. So I responded with this (I apologize sincerely in advance for the language. I did my best to contain myself.):
“*Name Omitted*, ahead of time, sorry for the novel, but your response to this video is beyond ignorant.
Real quick, let me hit you with some facts:
1. I am an educated black man who is attending a University. As a matter of fact, I’m currently looking at becoming published in one of my schools textbooks for a paper I wrote in my English class, I have the opportunity to work with my Chemistry professor on a research idea of MINE, I manage my own blog, I am looking into starting a charity, and to further disprove your theory on black people not having common sense, well, I’m in college so fuck it, I study my ass off , so I have the right to fuck shit up when needed. To further disprove your claims, it just so happens that I come from a long line of educated black men and women. I’m not just talking about my folks, I’m talking about their friends, and their friends friends etc. WE educated black folk do not appreciate to be generalized by this negative stereotype.
2. I am a Democrat, for the most part. Why? Because, I happen to hold true to a lot of liberal social idealism’s. Does that mean I like and/or agree with President Obama? No. It does not. As a matter of fact, I did not like either candidate that ran in this past election and wouldn’t have voted for either. Oh, and just so you know I actually have some republican thoughts of mind as well. I believe in the second amendment thoroughly. Love me or hate me, I do. I love my guns, and as a matter of fact, I was once apart of the NRA (I wasn’t going to make my dad pay my monthly NRA fees for me. I wanted to be my own man and pay for them myself when I came of age. So for now I guess you can say I’m not “paying [my] bills on time.” I believe in our military and I do my best to support those who support us. I can continue down the path of my own personal political opinions, but that’s not what I’m here for. I can talk about them later if you’d like.
3. My family was extremely loving and supportive. Was it hard sometimes that my daddy wasn’t there? Yes, it was, but see I knew he had a higher calling. The calling to serve as a Colonel in the United States Military, where he fought long and hard to protect and serve those he loves. But THANK GOD I had a strong, educated, loving, supportive black mother there to help see me through those hard times when daddy was bye bye.
4. Listen, sir, as much as you might want people to suddenly just forget about slavery, it’s not going to happen. It’s as engrained into out past as the Revolution was. Can we forgive? Yes. Forget? No. Also, although many people like to be in denial and say that, it’s “2013” racism is dying, well, I’m afraid to tell you that it’s not. It really isn’t. In fact, there are a few studies and a great documentary done by the Youtuber’s on the ‘Vice’ documentary channel where they explain how it’s actually, once again, on the rise, but in not such a violent manner. Much more discrete if you know what I mean. No dogs. No firetrucks. That sort of thing.
5. We pay our bills. We aren’t in debt. We tip whatever the standard tip rate is. Lastly, I think they’ve invested in their future quite nicely. For an example, see #1.
6. Freedom? Is that what America stands for as of right now? We can’t even allow gays rights in most states. Oh, and don’t forget the increasing possibility of internet censorship. Should I also mention the MANY lobbyist groups that influence government policy to bend towards their own goals (NRA included)? Nah, I save that rant for later. Oh, and before I move on, I can’t forget to add in one of the most highly discriminated people in America, muslims. Yea, a lot are really feeling that love and affection of racism, prejudice and discrimination. Real free right there.
7. I will refer you to #1, but also, I must say comment on how ignorant this is. Are you saying that all blacks are stupid and ignorant? Because, if you really think that, then may I refer you to a child and her family…what’s that little girls little name? Oh that’s right, Honey Boo Boo. There are ignorant and stupid people in every race, so the fact that you have the audacity to even make such a comment makes me believe that you’re one of those ignorant little fuckers of your race ;).Just so you know, I completely disagree with this video and I happen to find it  ignorant and racist (Yes, I do believe black people, my “own kind” can be racist too!) and slightly distasteful, especially since they are generalizing and border-line belittling their own race. However, The assumption that all black people act the way you wrote, or even think the same as those in this video is rather offensive and degrading. As much as it sounds like you’re directing your anger just towards those in this video, you are really projecting you anger on an entire race and have come off as racist. I’d refrain from encouraging these stereotypes, as they are dehumanizing. Anyways, let me get off of my soapbox, I have to take my “completely stupid” black ass back to that EDUMACATION. BUt, before I go, let me hit you with a quote. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, ‘Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.'”
Once again, I do apologize for the language and the grammatical mistakes. But, in my defense, I was a little bit riled up. Anyways, I thought I would share it with you all. I’m mainly doing this to show that racism, discrimination, all of it, is still very real and relevant in this “new day in age”. It’s sad, but it’s true. It’s not just a “white thing” either, as you saw and read, these traits apply to all races, ethnicity’s and backgrounds.
I’d love to know your opinions on the video, the person’s response, as well as, my response. Was he in the wrong? Was I in the wrong? Did we both go too far?
 As always, Thank you for reading and remember…
You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world” – Woodrow Wilson