Chasing Your Dreams

This past week, I have been stressing constantly over what to post. There were so many ideas floating around in my mind, it was hard to choose from them all. But while there were so many ideas in my mind, there was only one message that was on my heart- chasing your dreams. I feel as if I didn’t complete that message in my post from last week. Last week, I had said, in short, that the graveyards are the richest places on earth because, it holds the many ideas and dreams that were never tried.

Society will tell you that your dreams are unrealistic and not practical in the real world. But, how will you know if you never tried. My old basketball coach once said, “Never be afraid to fail because, at least you tried.” People look at a challenge and imagine 1000 ways that they can fail. That’s natural. The problem is when people look at the challenge and become afraid. Don’t be of the failure, learn to love it. Because with failure, you learn from your mistakes.

On that note, I’d like to share a motivational video that gets me going when I’m down.


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